Derma Wand

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Beauty Results with Derma Wand


What is Derma Wand?

Derma Wand is a beauty device that uses radiofrequency technology to minimize pores. It also helps with wrinkles saggy skin and reduces puffy eyes.

What does Derma Wand Do?

Derma Wand has already given many individuals radiant skin. It can enhance the appearance of your natural skin texture. Derma Wand treatments are noninvasive there is no need for painful injections to look beautiful. Derma Wand works by invigorating the skin cells to stimulate blood flow to the skin.

Derma Wand includes a complimentary tube of their special pre-treatment cream. Apply cream before Derma Wand treatment. When using Derma Wand you will notice a low-voltage electric pulse massaging the skin, this is how Derma Wand stimulates your skin into producing collagen. The result is younger looking skin. Professionals have used this technology for years. Now it is available for individuals.

How to use Derma Wand Correctly

Always make sure to read the instructions included with Derma Wand before starting your first treatment.

Switch Derma Wand on and apply lightly to face you can gently sweep it across your face in a circular motion; you can also slowly glide it across your face. You will feel a tingling sensation. It is important to pay attention to how you feel. If you begin to experience discomfort or pain, make sure to switch off Derma Wand immediately. This indicates that you are not using the device properly. Make sure to reread the instructions.

After using Derma Wand, you will notice that your face might appear flushed. This is completely normal and happens from the stimulation that causes increase blood flow to the skin making it appear flushed.

If you are looking for youthful skin without the needles, Derma Wand is the affordable option. Not only will your skin look younger you will also notice a reduction in wrinkles, blackheads, and your skin will look and feel suppler. These results happen over time.